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EMS Ultrasound Body Shape Massager Set

EMS Ultrasound Body Shape Massager Set

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✅Cruelty Free ✅Made In The USA

✅Cruelty Free ✅Made In The USA

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The EMS Ultrasound Body Shape Massager Set is the ideal product for weight loss and body cleansing. It has been determined that ems and ultrasonic therapy are highly efficient and can quickly assist to resolve inflammation and circulation obstructions. Making it revitalizing and comfortable for everyone.

Gab Hudson and Jaime Hisker submitted this photo of her journey using the EMS Ultrasound Body Shape Massager Set. Congrats on the success!

“I have been dealing with my lymphatic disease for over a year now and it is really painful and very uncomfortable. The bloating on my body is brought about by the fluid retention that I have. I always feel stiff because of it and I move slowly most of the time. Then I stumbled upon this EMS Ultrasound Body Shape Massager Set over the internet and gave it a shot. I use the massager twice daily and in just a few weeks of consistently using it the pain has subsided and the bloating has greatly reduced. I have been consistently using this for two months now and I can say that it is really effective and now I can wear anything I want, really helpful to me who experience such poor blood circulation.”- Gab Hudson

 I’m 35 years young mother! I was never one of the “cool” skinny girls in people. Regrettably, for most of my life, I yo-yo’ed between 230 ibs and 240 ibs no matter what I tried. Until my friend recommended this EMS Ultrasound Body Shape Massager Set to me, I bought 1 piece and I felt the difference from the first use: my body was relaxed and no more pain,In particular, headaches and physical exhaustion from work and housework .my body was relaxed and no more pain. After 6 weeks, I can clearly see my belly fat have disappeared, the fluid accumulation in my body has decreased, and my sleep has improved significantly. It's amazing! I use it every day to massage my body and it has given me a healthy body."- Jaime Hisker

 EMS ultrasonic body sculpting massager set uses EMS, ultrasonic waves and electrical pulses technologies to transmit energy to the human body through instruments and patches to relieve body pain, promote blood circulation, strengthen metabolism, and reduce body fat.

What is EMS Technology?

Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS), also known as neuromuscular electric stimulation (NMES) is the elicitation of muscle contraction using electric impulses. The impulses mimic the action potential coming from the central nervous system, causing the muscles to contract. EMS is proven to be quite effective as a proactive tool for muscle strengthening /relaxing.

Pulse Technology: Strengthened Muscle & Tightened the Skin

With the help of pulse technology, the EMS Ultrasound Body Shape Massager Set is does not only works for releasing daily stress, but also improve physical health. The EMS Ultrasound Body Shape Massager Set will make a difference to your body as its innovative technology work its magic. Safe, electrical pulses are released via electrodes to contract the affected area to increase body flow. As it contracts, your muscle can be tightened, strengthened, while reducing the visibility of cellulites. Giving your legs a slim and toned shape.

Ultrasonic: Liquefy Fats 

It is a non-surgical way to get rid of toxins from our bodies and reduce useless fat. The ultrasonic vibrations, enter the area of fat deposition via the skin, pressure is applied to fat cells during this process. Because of the intense pressure, the fat cells disintegrate and turn into liquid. The urine can then be used by the body to eliminate it as waste, in order to achieve the purpose of losing weight.


How Effective is Acupoints Massage?

From the perspectives of ancient East, different acupoints correspond to different organs of the human body. Frequent massage of these acupoints can relieve the pressure of human organs, help the organs to discharge accumulated toxins, and promote blood and lymph circulation.

Research suggests that acupressure releases endorphins and promotes anti-inflammatory effects that can help with certain types of body pain problems. At the same time, acupoint massage can effectively reduce depression and anxiety, relieve fatigue, and relax the body and mind. Combined with deep kneading massage function, it can better strengthen muscle tissue, and reduce muscle stiffness, allowing you to fully relax after a busy day, effectively relieve fatigue, improve sleep, and relieve muscle stiffness and pain.

With the help of EMS technology , this EMS Ultrasound Body Shape Massager Set can not only relieve daily stress, but also improve physical health. This therapy works by sending electrical pulses to the muscles in need of treatment, allowing the muscles to passively exercise. By using it, you can tighten and strengthen your muscles while reducing the visibility of cellulite.

How EMS Ultrasound Body Shape Massager Set Set Works?

Western medical acupuncture is the use of acupuncture following a medical diagnosis. It involves stimulating sensory nerves under the skin and in the muscles. A review study published in 2018 in the scientific journal The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews found that acupuncture and moxibustion to lose weight is to accelerate the basic generation by stimulating the meridians and acupoints, thereby promoting fat metabolism, increasing heat production, and making the accumulated fat consumption.

Designed With Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapy is considered to have a therapeutic effect. Through the regulation of meridians, on the one hand, it can suppress hyperactive appetite and reduce food intake; on the other hand, it can promote energy metabolism, increase energy consumption, promote the mobilization of body fat, improve cellulite and shape, The effect is more prominent.

Multiple Modes Feature

Increase contact area by 33% with the 2 metal pulse pads built into the neck massager, delivering comfortable massage all the way down to the pain trigger points. In addition to the neck massage, 2 extended massage patches are included, so you can instantly release tension throughout your neck, back, shoulders, belly, arm and legs, customize your massage experience with maximum results in minimum time, and greatly improve your overall health.

What Makes The EMS Ultrasound Body Shape Massager Set SPECIAL?

✔️ Helps detoxification

✔️ Improves blood circulation

✔️ Expels unnecessary waste

✔️ Reduces lactic acids and free fatty acids

✔️ Cure lymphatic drainage

✔️ Promotes a detox cleanse

✔️ Relieves swelling on body parts


Wide Relief

Clinically-proven, natural and effective tens device for easing pain without requiring the user to take medicine for problem areas such as the back, joints, neck, knees, shoulders, ankles, legs, wrists, and elbows. Enjoy relaxing massages with a FDA cleared tens machine.

Here are some of our happy customers:

Hi, I'm Elizabeth and I'm 39 years old! I want to share a personal story that I know will resonate with you.
In my 20s, I was always the "thin" girlfriend everyone envied. I can eat whatever I want and still stay a size 2. But after I gave birth to my son, my thin body disappeared. I gained 60 pounds while pregnant! No matter what I did after that, I couldn't get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Then I had a second child. Between juggling two kids and a full-time job, there's no time to eat, exercise, or even sleep properly.So I'm getting heavier.I was browsing through the internet one night when I stumbled across EMS. And I was desperate to try anything.

“It really removes the waste and toxins from my body makes me feel so calm and so comfortable. Having this EMS Ultrasound Body Shape Massager Set helps me to reduce the swelling and eliminates the saggy skin on my body. I’m also having lymph swelling which really not good to have. I tried other products but it failed to help me to eliminate them but this massager helps me a lot. I felt more energized and this is so lightweight. Thanks to this product, I can now wear whatever I want!!!” - Rachel Robertson


Material: ABS + Silicone + Stainless Steel + Magnetic

Power: 3V 30mA

Battery Type: 2 x AAA battery (Not included)

Pulse Frequency: OHz~1000Hz

Size: 18*11.5cm(L*W)

Weight: 174g

Color: White


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